PARTING SHOTS Custom Caricature Questionnaire -- Army

Please answer all questions as fully as possible -- the more details you provide, the better the end product will be.  If an image is called for, either attach it, send it separately by email, or include a URL where the image may be found.  When finished, hit the SUBMIT button to send in your information.

NOTE: The "subject" is the person whose likeness is to appear in the caricature.  A photo of the subject and descripion of eye and hair color will be needed.

1. Subject's NAME:  First   Middle Initial Last  

2. Nickname: 

3. Rank (as depicted): Other:

4. Branch of the Army:  

5. Unit: 

6. Unit nickname or motto: 

7. Position depicted: 

8. Physical Description:

a.  Hair color 

b.  Complexion/skin color 

c.  Eye color

d.  Sex:Handedness: 

e.  Approximate heightOtherWeightOther 

9. Personal Information:

a. Past organizations/units/jobs  

b. Schools/degrees/training

c. Clubs/affiliations/associations

d. Sports/leisure activities, hobbies

e. Heroes/mentors/idols/aspirations

f. Favorite sayings/words/gestures/motto

g. Family members/significant others

h. Awards/honors/trophies

i. Pet peeves/anxieties

j. Favorite TV show, movie, song, book, character, car, food, drink, etc.:

k. Combat experience

l.  Humorous anecdotes/war stories:

m. Applicable vehicles/equipment 

n. Applicable manuals/orders/regulations/text books/documents 

o.  Comments/explanations/anything else that should be depicted:

p. Suggested title for the drawing

q. Suggested environment  Description

r.  Uniform Description 

s. Headgear Description 

t. Additional information (sleeves up/down, ribbons, medals, badges, weapons, etc.)

10. Please provide as much of the following visual reference material as possible (either by 
email or snail mail or by including a URL address where the image may be downloaded):

Photos of Subject (from different angles) URL: 
Unit Crest and Guidon  URL: 
Unit PatchURL: 
Logos of colleges, organizations, teams, favorite brands, etc.   URL: 
Unique items to be depicted, such as trophies, sculptures, knick-knacks, etc., with some 
reference as to their sizes .  Description/URL: 

11.  Your Contact Information:
First NameLast Name
PhoneEmail Address
Mailing Address


NOTE: Send no money now.  An invoice will be emailed to you with payment options.  

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Parting ShotsTM Commissioned Art
NOTE:  PARTING SHOTS caricatures are usually commissioned as gifts to a departing soldier, and as such, they often reflect the humorous side of the individual's tour of duty.  This should be done in a respectful manner, in hopes that the subject will be proud to hang the finished image on his or her office wall.  Therefore, we ask that you refrain from including items that may be regarded as too hurtful or embarassing for the recipient, or reflecting discredit upon the unit or the military.  The artist will endeavor to create a flattering likeness of the subject, so please be truthful as to height and weight so we have a credible basis for the depiction.

TOTAL PRICE:  $1000 for an 11" x 17" glossy print, signed by the artist, unmatted and unframed.


In advance:  $ 500
Upon approval of rough drawing:     0
Upon approval of black line drawing: 250*
Final color art (low resolution via e-mail):   250*

TOTAL $ 1000

Printed art will be shipped upon receipt of final payment.

*Changes after this approval will cost an additional $50 to $500, depending on how extensive they are, so it is in your best interest to look carefully at the roughs and the line art and make your changes as early as possible.
Too pricey for you?
Then consider the Non-Commissioned Art option.  CLICK HERE for details.
To view an example of a Commissioned Custom Caricature, CLICK HERE.