a series of posters portraying the various Army branches as the super heroes they really are.
First in Combat
Metal of Honor
Bigshots of the Battlefield
"The Aviator"
"The N.C.O."
Humorous Miltary Posters
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The perfect gift for PCS, ETS, promotion or retirement!  

What better way to say how much you appreciate your boss, your colleague or your loved one than by commissioning a one-of-a-kind portrait based on that individual's experiences?  Fill out a simple questionnaire, provide a photograph or two, and choose from two levels of  uniqueness (ranging from the most to the least expensive):

1. Commissioned Art  (totally custom)-- A design created entirely from scratch, placing the subject in an environment that best displays his or her job, with lots of humorous details that speak to the job's challenges, personal tastes and interests, and past history (see the samples at left).

2. Non-Commissioned Art (semi-custom)-- The subject's likeness is worked into a pre-drawn template that allows for a few major choices (field exercise vs. office/desk job, male vs. female, ACUs vs. Class A uniform, etc.) and the inclusion of some details, such as unit crest and guidon, school banners, a map showing prior assignment s,  books and videos whose titles might be appropritately funny, etc.
   The template starts with visual gags that just about anyone might find humorous, then the buyer chooses from a menu of items that may be changed to personalize the portrait.  It's a great way to craft a one-of-a-kind keepsake that honors the subject without breaking the bank (see the example below).

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Each caricature is hand-drawn and digitally colored, printed at a size of 11" x 17", signed by the artist and suitable for framing.  Larger (up to 22" x 28"), hand-colored caricatures are available at the Commissioned Art level for an additional cost.
Samples of Commissioned Art caricatures
Samples of Commissioned Art caricatures
Sample of Non-Commissioned Art caricature