Parting ShotsTM 
Non-Commissioned Art
NOTE:  PARTING SHOTS caricatures are usually created as gifts to a departing soldier, and as such, they often reflect the humorous side of the individual's tour of duty.  This should be done in a respectful manner, in hopes that the subject will be proud to hang the finished image on his or her office wall.  Therefore, we ask that you refrain from including items that may be regarded as too hurtful or embarassing for the recipient, or reflecting discredit upon the unit or the military.  The artist will endeavor to create a flattering likeness of the subject, so please be truthful as to height and weight so we have a credible basis for the depiction.

TOTAL PRICE:  $250 for an 11" x 17" glossy print, signed by the artist, unmatted and unframed.
Not special enough?
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WORDS and LABELS (these are on separate layers from the artwork, so a bit easier to change)
Change up to 10 items for $50 
(or up to 20 items for $100, and so on):

Book, CD, DVD titles (3 titles count as 1 item)
TMs or FMs (5 titles count as 1 item)
Coffee Mug
Sticky notes, etc.
Lock box
Suggestions in trash can
In and Out boxes
Labels on recycling bin items 
papers (4 titles count as 1 item)
"no diving" sign
Other changes or additions
Different Sample Subjects in the same Heroic pose
Personalized Art with different subjects in Relaxed poses
Included in that price are the following items that will be personalized, based upon your input:

Title of the picture 
Likeness of the subject
Pose (heroic, relaxed, etc.)
Uniform, rank, badges, name tag, etc.
Unit insignia
Unit guidon
Name of post (on phone book)
Prior assignments on PowerPoint slide
Name plate on desk (rank and branch insignia included)

ADDITIONAL CHANGES are billed separately according to the following menu:

ARTWORK (i.e., anything that has to be drawn 
or deleted and the background restored)
Change up to 3 items for $50 
(or up to 6 items for $100, and so on):

Items in refrigerator
Elvis plate
Toys on bookshelf
Items in ruck sack
Army seal
Toy Army men
Road sign symbol with words
Items in recycling bin
Labels on bins (bio hazard, recycling)
Other items

NOTE: Changing the entire PowerPoint slide
will cost $50 all by itself.

In advance:  $ 100 + changes
Final color art (low resolution via e-mail):   150*

TOTAL   $ 250 + changes

Printed art will be shipped upon receipt of final payment.

*Changes after this approval will cost an additional $50 to $500, depending on how extensive they are, so it is in your best interest to look carefully at the art and make your changes as early as possible.
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